Let’s Go to the Movies! Let’s Go See the Stars!

Sometimes, you just can’t make it to the theatre. We understand. That is why we are covering a new app ticket start-up for movie theatres.

The startup Atom Tickets has recently become more and more popular, especially among millennials. They have also “banked more than $60 million in funding to take on the online movie-ticketing segment’s leader, NBC Universal-owned Fandango,” their major competitor.

Founded by Ameesh Paleja, Matthew Bakal and Geoff Shaevitz in 2014, the app makes going to the movies a whole lot easier. On the app, you can buy and send tickets to your friends (all while buying the tickets separately but sitting together), and the app even has the ability to pre-order food and skip the line. The app strives to improve the movie-going experience based on customer data. Atom Tickets has now raised more than $125 million to date and has about 80 employees.

The company was very wise from a marketing perspective and teamed up with major companies such as T-Mobile to offer special ticket offers for big releases. Additionally, the company formed an adversity board with big names such as Steven Spielberg. They have secured backing from top finance firms and have studio partners such as Liongate, Disney and Twentieth Century Fox Film. All of these connections and backers allow for the company to grow at a very fast rate. The company shared that “it has tripled registered users and ticket sales in the past year.” At this point in time, the company will not disclose actual numbers but is doing very well, especially with its additional funds that were gained. The picture below shows just how much Atom Tickets has gained in popularity in the past five months.

So, what do you say? Try out the app and go see a movie! Enjoy! #bergineblogs #movieapps




Author: Sarah Gordin

Sarah Gordin is from NJ and is a theatre major at Muhlenberg College (with concentrations in acting and directing). She is excited to be researching apps that will be changing the business of acting and tickets! This semester, she is performing in The Library, The Vagina Monologues, and Opera Workshop, along with having started a new student-run music ensemble called The Great American Songbook Project (G.A.S.P).

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