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Have you ever spent over $200 on theatre tickets that you bought four months in advance? Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to produce theatre, a way to know who is casting each project, or an app with thousands of monologues to go through for auditions, or an app to help you learn your lines?

The theatre is changing. With everything on the tip of our fingers, theatre is no exception to technology. Technology is changing the industry, both for those who are trying to snag tickets and those who are professional actors. This blog will go into app startups that are changing the game.

TodayTix has nearly $16 million in venture capital. One of their competitors is Broadway Roulette, a kind of spin the wheel and get Broadway tickets of cheap kind of deal. Among TKTS selling eleven percent of all Broadway Tickets, the Broadway officials do not support these apps. TKTS has an app that lets audience goers know what shows are being sold at each TKTS ticket booth location. Other ticketing apps are trying to break into this area of business.

Professional Equity Actors lives are getting harder with the new equity online sign-ups so it is only fitting that new apps are being created with the intent to make actors lives easier. The Actor Genie app lets actors know what is casting and who is casting, making it easier for the actor to keep track of who is in the room. LineLearner apps exist to help actors learn their lines. Even professional working actors use these type of apps.

One wonders what other types of apps for actors and theatre lovers exist and this blog will attempt to research and go into useful apps in more detail in future posts. Stay tuned! #bergineblogs #actorapps


Author: Sarah Gordin

Sarah Gordin is from NJ and is a theatre major at Muhlenberg College (with concentrations in acting and directing). She is excited to be researching apps that will be changing the business of acting and tickets! This semester, she is performing in The Library, The Vagina Monologues, and Opera Workshop, along with having started a new student-run music ensemble called The Great American Songbook Project (G.A.S.P).

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