Now What About Music?

As we have already expanded into the theatre and movie ticketing business, one wonders what exists for music entertainment. Luckily, we found just the app that you should download for all your concert needs! The best part- no ticketing fees.

The app, DICE is a mobile ticketing startup co-founded by Phil Hutcheon and digital product studio ustwo in London, the United Kingdom in 2014. The app lets users search for, browse and buy tickets to a variety of music gigs, concerts, and festivals. The app is able to be used for iOS and Android users.

The app is currently in use in a variety of cities, mostly in Europe, such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Dublin. However, just recently, the app has expanded to the United States in September 2017. DICE can be used in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, as of now, and the app is planning to expand to more cities in both the United States and Europe.

DICE’s competitors are Ticketmaster and Seatwave. However, DICE stands out because it is the only app that doesn’t have ticket fees. Other services include the ability to return the tickets on the app, and the ability to add yourself to a waiting list. If someone releases their tickets, it goes to the next person on the list. The app offers recommendations for shows. Additionally, the company also does not participate in secondary ticketing. Financially, the app has raised a total of $9.8 million. The app also announced that “it has raised $6 million in a Series A round led by Evolution Equity Partners.” It’s startup financial backers are Mustafa Suleyman and Demis Hassabis.

DICE is soon going to be in every major city in Europe and the United States, we are sure of it. So download the app now if you live where it is offered. If not, sit tight, for DICE is sure to shake things up! #bergineblogs #concertapps


Let’s Go to the Movies! Let’s Go See the Stars!

Sometimes, you just can’t make it to the theatre. We understand. That is why we are covering a new app ticket start-up for movie theatres.

The startup Atom Tickets has recently become more and more popular, especially among millennials. They have also “banked more than $60 million in funding to take on the online movie-ticketing segment’s leader, NBC Universal-owned Fandango,” their major competitor.

Founded by Ameesh Paleja, Matthew Bakal and Geoff Shaevitz in 2014, the app makes going to the movies a whole lot easier. On the app, you can buy and send tickets to your friends (all while buying the tickets separately but sitting together), and the app even has the ability to pre-order food and skip the line. The app strives to improve the movie-going experience based on customer data. Atom Tickets has now raised more than $125 million to date and has about 80 employees.

The company was very wise from a marketing perspective and teamed up with major companies such as T-Mobile to offer special ticket offers for big releases. Additionally, the company formed an adversity board with big names such as Steven Spielberg. They have secured backing from top finance firms and have studio partners such as Liongate, Disney and Twentieth Century Fox Film. All of these connections and backers allow for the company to grow at a very fast rate. The company shared that “it has tripled registered users and ticket sales in the past year.” At this point in time, the company will not disclose actual numbers but is doing very well, especially with its additional funds that were gained. The picture below shows just how much Atom Tickets has gained in popularity in the past five months.

So, what do you say? Try out the app and go see a movie! Enjoy! #bergineblogs #movieapps



The App That Fills the Empty Seats

Have you ever noticed the empty seats at the most popular Broadway shows such as Lion King and Wicked? Well, couple Eric Streisand and Elizabeth Durand Streisand did! And they made a business out of it!

They created Broadway Roulette- a theatre app that allows customers to pay a flat rate for their Broadway tickets- $49 weekdays and $59 weekends. The day of the performance- a wheel is spun and customers are informed by email just what show they would be having the pleasure of seeing later that day.

The business has seen steady growth since its start- mostly due to word of mouth of the customers, who come from almost all fifty states and over twenty countries. “Its largest customer basis are Tri-State area residents who are under 35,” according to Forbes magazine. Eric and Elizabeth were surprised about the number of locals who utilize the app as they expected it to be used by mostly tourists, however, Broadway Roulette makes Broadway more accessible and less expensive, along with adding a twist of what show you will see, that many customers are locals to New York. 

The owners believe that to be an entrepreneur, you must believe that you can be more than one thing. They caution young entrepreneurs to “not box themselves in.” They also believe that you should follow your impulses and ideas. As Elizabeth Streisand believes, “The world is full of great business ideas that nobody bothered to turn into actual businesses.” Elizabeth and Eric are proof that one can come up with an idea and build a successful business from scratch.

So what do you say… take a chance on Broadway Roulette! Enjoy the show! #bergineblogs #actorapps


TodayTix Start-Up

Why are Broadway tickets so expensive? Why is it so hard to get ticket discounts when nearly 19% of tickets go unsold annually on Broadway which is “roughly $300 million of unsold inventory.”

Merritt Baer and ­Brian Fenty noticed these problems that existed on the business side of the theatre and created a solution. Both men had a passion for theatre, however, their acting skills were not good enough for them to be actors so they looked for other ways to get involved in the business side of theatre. They turned their passion into a business by using their creativity. They came up with a way to get the unused tickets to be used by creating a ticket discount app called TodayTix that allows the buyer to buy discount Broadway and Off-Broadway tickets the week of (and due to a new update, up to a month) of a performance.

According to Fortune, TodayTix has “nearly $16 million in venture capital and has expanded beyond New York to four other American cities and to London. With headquarters in New York City, TodayTix now claims about 5% of all Broadway’s ticket sales, and at least 70% of TodayTix customers are millen­nials.” TodayTix was the first online ticket app to have online lotteries but now such lotteries are common to find online due to the many competitor copycats that have popped up since TodayTix started. However, TodayTix is the original idea and the app has truly changed the business of theatre ticket sales by making tickets more accessible and discounted.

So what are you waiting for- take a look at the app yourself and buy a ticket! Enjoy the show! #bergineblogs #actorapps


Blog Overview!

Have you ever spent over $200 on theatre tickets that you bought four months in advance? Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to produce theatre, a way to know who is casting each project, or an app with thousands of monologues to go through for auditions, or an app to help you learn your lines?

The theatre is changing. With everything on the tip of our fingers, theatre is no exception to technology. Technology is changing the industry, both for those who are trying to snag tickets and those who are professional actors. This blog will go into app startups that are changing the game.

TodayTix has nearly $16 million in venture capital. One of their competitors is Broadway Roulette, a kind of spin the wheel and get Broadway tickets of cheap kind of deal. Among TKTS selling eleven percent of all Broadway Tickets, the Broadway officials do not support these apps. TKTS has an app that lets audience goers know what shows are being sold at each TKTS ticket booth location. Other ticketing apps are trying to break into this area of business.

Professional Equity Actors lives are getting harder with the new equity online sign-ups so it is only fitting that new apps are being created with the intent to make actors lives easier. The Actor Genie app lets actors know what is casting and who is casting, making it easier for the actor to keep track of who is in the room. LineLearner apps exist to help actors learn their lines. Even professional working actors use these type of apps.

One wonders what other types of apps for actors and theatre lovers exist and this blog will attempt to research and go into useful apps in more detail in future posts. Stay tuned! #bergineblogs #actorapps